“Digital has the potential to reshape business.” So said Bill Briggs, Global Deloitte Digital Lead, Deloitte Consulting, during a keynote session at the 2013 Adobe Digital Marketing Summit, in Salt Lake City, this week. “It’s all about left brain meeting right brain, and vice versa. This is a unique time, and there’s tremendous potential.”

Briggs told the audience at the Salt Palace that, today, it’s all about mobile, analytics, the cloud, social, and cyber. “It’s the controlled collision of these elements that will be powerful in this ‘post digital’ era. I say post digital because digital is now the basis for all business competition,” he said.

Briggs went on to provide some detail behind each of these digital elements.

“As for mobile,” he said, “in this post-PC world, you can’t take static content and expect it to be amazing on mobile devices. You have to think about mobility-only, and not just ‘mobility first.’ Then when it comes to analytics, well, data is the currency of today’s business and marketing—it’s what provides the value.

“The cloud, of course, is the new enabler, the catalyst of all this, the new delivery model, while social is the new search. But you can’t just be a listener; you have to engage. Finally, we all now live in a decidedly cyber world, and there is no such thing as ‘hacker-proof,’ so you have to be prepared to deal with acceptable risk in that regard.”

But how do you get started and what do you do? “Marketing has a leg up on everyone, in this new journey, because many others in the organization don’t really get what this is all about, ” Briggs said. “This includes the CIO-CMO connection, which, today, is more a shotgun wedding than a happily ever after event. Yet integrating digital marketing with the core is essential, so you must bring IT into the story.”

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by Tim Moran | Editor In Chief, CMO.com